Private Jets – Sales & Chartering 私人飞机

InvestorsAlly Jets (IAJ) provides services to selective clients with on-demand private jet chartering.

Together with our partners, we have over 40 Years of combined business experience in marketing, sales, business development and client retention within the jet chartering business.

With access to more than 8,000+ aircraft worldwide, including re-positioned aircraft any time, anywhere at any time, covering more than 80+ different models, from Turbo Props to Heavy Jets and Helicopters. Available 24 x 7 x 365 (on call any time worldwide).

We offer “pass through-transparent” flight pricing direct to our clients from our Part 135 Operator Partners.

InvestorsAlly Jets has no long or short term fixed contracts, no large deposits to be paid up front. All services are on an on-demand basis.

Please email or call us at +1-888-456-8881 x 888 for further information.

投盟飞机 InvestorsAlly Jets 选择性为客户服务私人飞机的租赁。请发送电子邮件 或致电 +1-888-456-8881 x 888 以得到进一步的信息。