AopDex & Farjao 欧普得斯 & 艺品发掘

AopDex (欧普得斯) & Farjao (艺品发掘) are two affiliated tech venture companies of InvestorsAlly Fine Art (众盟艺术) for disrupting the art world by further developing artworks into a viable asset class.

AopDex (欧普得斯) (Art Objects, Paintings & Derivatives Exchange) is a tech venture that provides consumer an online parallel derivative market to either invest in well-known artworks, to hedge existing art investments or simply to short an artist’s over-priced valuation. The site is at

Anybody who has the minimum amount of money of a few thousand dollars to open an account will be able to express and opinion and take a long or short position of a well-known artist’s artworks. The valuation of those high-priced artworks will for the first time be decided by the market which is composed of millions of small investors and billionaires alike, rather than by simply a small club of a handful of multi-millionaires or billionaires.

The initial batch of contracts are 3, 5 and 10 year forward contracts on selective artists’ artworks and art market indices. Among their many advantages, the one that is particularly of most interest to many art market professionals is the ability to sell short.

The purpose is to disrupt a booming art market and to convert art collection into a mature financial investment market place and hence artworks could be treated as a more prudent investment asset class rather than simply a punter’s market composed of only a small club of wealthy individuals as of now.

With the new abilities to hedge, institutional investors such as insurance companies and pension funds will for the first time be able to invest in art market while fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities.

A parallel sister venture is focused on the fractional ownership of artworks through an innovative new product called Farjao (艺品发掘) (Fractional And Rentable Joint Artworks Ownership). More detailed info and the service itself could be found at the Farjao Host web site Please read the section on How It Works.

Farjao team members are located on the ground in Vancouver, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and Los Angeles.

The first two Farjao contracts have recently been done by our Canadian team in Vancouver.





姐妹公司 Farjao(艺品发掘)是一个艺术作品部分所有权的市场。更详细的信息和服务本身在 Farjao 的网站

Farjao 的团队成员位于温哥华,伦敦,巴黎,阿姆斯特丹,柏林,上海,香港,台北和洛杉矶。


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