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Мы говорим по русски и будем рады вам помочь. 我们可以讲普通话。


InvestorsAlly Realty, Yachts, Jets, Films and Fine Art (IAR) is a conventional luxury real estate brokerage, super yachts and ships brokerage, private jets brokerage as well as the associated mortgage financing and insurance firm currently focusing its luxury residential and pleasure, fun related commercial leisure property brokerage services in California, France, Italy, Monaco, Dubai, London, Hawaii, Florida and the Caribbean Islands. It also involves itself in super yachts chartering, jet chartering, movie & Broadway play productions and fine art collections.

As our name implies, being the ally for investors, we specialize in helping clients with making prudent investments in luxury real estate properties, super, mega yachts sales & chartering, private jets sales & chartering, films & Broadway plays productions, fine art paintings and jewelry collections, whether it is in coastal luxury residential homes, income producing commercial properties, wineries vineyards, agricultural land, horse ranches, golf courses, mountain lake side resorts, coastal boutique hotels, marina properties, speed boats, mega yachts, supersonic jets, castles in Europe and private islands in the Caribbean Sea or Pacific Ocean. We also offer advice in fine art, jewelry collections and film financing to a few selective clients together with our expert partners located at different parts of the world.

In particular, we have specialized teams with extensive knowledge, contacts and expertise in wineries, vineyards, golf courses, hotels and legendary historical castles in the area of Santa Barbara region & Temecula Valley of Southern California; Burgundy, Bordeaux and Cognac regions of France; Tuscany & Piemonte regions of Italy; Rhine Valley & Mosel Valley of Germany as well as many upscale luxury apartments and penthouses located in Paris, Monaco, Dubai, London, New York, Miami Beach, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

For a listing of our luxury real estate property mandates please click here Current Property Opportunities or the menu button above.

Unlike a conventional for profit real estate and yacht brokerage business, IAR in its efforts to make social contribution, together with its non-profit sister organization PeoplesAlly Foundation (http://www.peoplesally.org), also provides its aspiring homeowner and existing homeowner clients an additional innovative home ownership structure of FARJHO as well as a few alternative financing solutions using the new SwapRent contracts based on many years of academic research and consumer test marketing. More info is available at http://InvestorsAlly.com.

In the current market, through the FARJHO structure, property investors as InvestorsAlly’s real estate customers could expect around 7% to 9% or even higher current dividend yield from rental income while waiting for the market recovery and further price appreciation of US residential properties without having to worry about vacancy or excessive annual operating expenses.

The total return could be quite significant due to the additional potential price appreciation from the current distressed price level of the residential properties across the US. For more information on the FARJHO transaction, please visit the dedicated home equity crowdfunding portal site http://FARJHO.com and/or the homeowner’s social networking and sharing portal site http://WeHomeowners.com.




有关我们的授权地产列表和目前上市的豪华物业,请点击上面当前地产机会 的按钮。

不同于传统的营利的地产和游艇经纪业务,IAR 为了想要做出社会贡献,与其非营利的姐妹组织,民盟机构 (http://www.PeoplesAlly.org),还一起提供有想要成为的房主和现有房主的客户更多的创新自置居所的结构,FARJHO (法租) 。以及一些在多年的学术研究和消费者市场测试的替代性融资解决方案使用新的 SwapRent (调租) 合同为依据。更多信息在 http://PeoplesAlly.org。


欲了解更多关于 FARJHO (法租) 的交易信息,请访问专门的 home equity crowdfunding 门户网站 http://FARJHO.com 和/或,房主的社交网络和共享门户网站 http://WeHomeowners.com 。

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